XKlusive Kutts & Barber Supply, LLC - "It’s not just a hair Kutt, It’s a Relationship”

Bald Fade with Design

Kevin Howell has tapered the stereotype of yesterday’s average Barber. He is the cutting edge owner of 
Xklusive Kutts & Barber Supply, LLC where clients receive the total Barber experience from consultation, education, technique, trend and hair/skin care ... 
“It’s not just a hair Kutt, It’s a Relationship”. 
 In an effort to recapture the integrity and enhance the professionalism of the Barbering industry Kevin became a Professional Barber Instructor to place him in a position to embrace the new generation of ever-increasing potential Barbers. 
His mission is to F A D E - “F oster Barber students to Adapt the basic hair cutting techniques & tool utilization as they Develop through theory accompanied withhands on training and to pursue yearly continuing Education of the Barbering craft.” His future endeavors are continual educational achievement; Barber consulting, and giving back to the community through his Karing Kutts program.